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Network security or Cybersecurity as it’s also known is security applied to computing devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile phones as well as server networks. The threats are many and range from theft of equipment to unauthorised access, virus attack and change or destruction of data.

We take this seriously, extremely seriously.

From our first involvement with a client (and ongoing) this area is top of our agenda and following our initial survey of your network we work with you to make sure there are no vulnerabilities.

Our goal around cybersecurity is to protect data both in the work place and in transit.  Countermeasures are put in place in order to increase the security of data. Some of these measures include, access control, awareness training, regular audits and penetration testing. Network products include centrally managed Antivirus, dedicated hardware firewalls with built in security management, hack attempt monitoring on all servers and encrypted wireless connections to name but a few.

Combine security with solid backups and a well-planned disaster recovery process and should the worse happen we will have you back up and running in no time.




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