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With an ever increasing reliance on technology it is now more critical than ever to have systems that really deliver in the work place. Whether its data access for remote workers or 24 hour uptime for email, your technical infrastructure is the key to keeping your business running.

As you would expect at CST we love technology but unlike some others we also embrace the new. We partner with many software and hardware companies and as a result have access to technologies well before they reach the market place. This in turn allows us to try and test before we consider whether they might be appropriate for your business.

Plain & simple
Bamboozled by techno speak, not sure what your actually buying or agreeing to?
At CST because we take customer service as seriously as our technical solutions we will always take the time to meet with you to discuss any options or recommendations you might be considering. We certainly won’t confuse you with complex technical jargon nor will you find it on any of our written proposals or quotations. At CST we believe when we partner with a client that communication should be clear, concise and above all transparent.

The Green Angle
Every 3 to 5 years most businesses find they need to upgrade their equipment. At CST we are always looking at ways of re-using old hardware and often find some elements can be re-purposed. CST’s client base includes over a dozen charities and several schools. So where possible (with your permission) after a clean-up and a military grade data wipe if we are able to squeeze another year or so out of the kit it doesn’t go to waste.

The present & the future
Current innovations such as virtualisation, cloud computing and mobile communications are changing the way we work. At CST by investing heavily in staff training and partnering with Tech companies we not only keep up-to-date with the latest product but often get access to future technologies that have yet to be released.

From our perspective the future is bright, so if you want a forward thinking, proactive and technically progressive company, then get in touch and see how your business can benefit from the CST experience.

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