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Introducing our new Technical Services Centre (TSC) which is offering customers total peace of mind with IT support 24/7.

The service that never sleeps

The TSC provides you with emergency IT cover all the way
through the night and over the weekend, along with all of CST’s
normal everyday services. This includes Emergency Call Outs
with our highly qualified technicians on standby to quickly put
things right and reduce the impact of any incidents that occur
outside normal working hours.

Expecting the unexpected 24/7

If the unexpected does happen, don’t fret, we’re here to keep
your business running and minimise downtime. It can be hard for organisations to appreciate the importance of their technology until something goes wrong and we’re ready to jump into instant action to make sure you can get back to normality again.

How does it work?

Fast and simple. Sign up to our 24/7 service and you’ll receive special contact details for our out-of-hours technical support team. Whenever the need arises, get in touch, explain your problem and leave the rest to us. Knowing we’re always awake is sure to help you sleep better.


24/7 Service

Emergency Call out Service

Expert Technicians on Standby

Minimising Downtime

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