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    James Hartley – Technical Director and MD

    James founded CST 15 years ago. James’s previous experience includes project management within IBM for clients such as Cazenove, Lloyds, VW and Natwest. James’ no-nonsense, belt and brace approach to technology has formed the basis of CST’s technical strategy over the years and he continues to be involved on a day to day basis to ensure the right and considered solutions are implemented.

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    Helen Barnes – Business Development Manager

    Helen joined CST in April 2011 in a part-time capacity to manage the sales process and grow our portfolio of clients. Her success over the years has led
    to CST securing a number of high profile accounts which include Town & Country Fine Foods, MRIB Insurance and the MSA. As the role developed, Helen’s responsibilities have grown to include the company’s marketing function leading to our sponsorship of Wasps Rugby at Adams Park in High Wycombe.

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    Adam Keely – Primary Support Team Manager

    Adam has been with CST for the past 4 years and heads the in-house telephone and remote support team. He previously worked for several other I.T. companies as an onsite engineer before joining CST for a management roll. His unique experience of ‘both sides of the fence’ has added considerable weight to our ability to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, he is an excellent manager and delegator ensuring issues are managed in a professional and timely manner.

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    Paul Tucker – Professional Services Manager

    Paul started with CST in 2011 and has transformed the professional services department.

    His technical skills combined with his ability to understand the client’s requirements has enabled him to build a service team capable of completing the most challenging of projects.

    His background with Blackberry and Ultima has qualified him to build on a solid technical foundation and his work with CST has added the project delivery and client relationships.

    Paul is an all-round professional and has run the largest projects successfully, on budget and within the timescales required.

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    John Gray – 1st Line Team Leader

  • CST Black and white_0014_Layer 5 (Small)

    Joshua Humby – 1st Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0012_Layer 7 (Small)

    Ryan Leech – 1st Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0013_Layer 6 (Small)

    Joshua Dunne – 1st Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0021_Layer 9 (Small)

    Ash Shortte – 1st Line Engineer

  • MJB_C

    Martin Brooks – Helpdesk Manager

  • CST Black and white_0019_Layer 11 (Small)

    Casey Collins – 2nd Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0018_Layer 1 (Small)

    Sean Vockins – 2nd Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0010_Layer 12 (Small)

    Euan Green – 2nd Line Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0003_Layer 27 (Small)

    Max Griffiths – Field Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0001_Layer 22 (Small)

    James Stacey – Field Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0020_Layer 28 (Small)

    Harry Tomes – Hardware Manager

  • CST Black and white_0016_Layer 3 (Small)

    Ben Oxtoby – Stock Control

  • CST Black and white_0008_Layer 14 (Small)

    Jake Shankster – Managed Services Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0007_Layer 15 (Small)

    Amnat Dithian – Managed Services Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0022_Layer 38 (Small)

    Kier Abrahams – Professional Services Engineer

  • CST Blank

    Mathew Eley – Professional Services Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0006_Layer 16 (Small)

    Martin Horton – Professional Services Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0005_Layer 17 (Small)

    Ryan Griffin – Professional Services Engineer

  • CST Black and white_0004_Layer 19 (Small)

    Ayrton Mitchell – Professional Services Consultant

  • CST Black and white_0002_Layer 23 (Small)

    Shane Thorne – Professional Services Consultant

  • CST Black and white_0017_Layer 2 (Small)

    Steve Taylor – Professional Services Consultant

  • ZX3A1510 DONE (Small)

    Penny Gower Poole – Accounts

CST is thriving – we are now a company of 30 employees and we continue to grow year on year.

Our dedicated staff are always on hand to help with all your support requirements. Split into 2 teams, half our engineers are office based (The Primary Support Team) and deal with all incoming telephone and email requests. The other half (The Onsite Team) are responsible for all client site visits, new installations and project work.

CST also have a hardware department which covers the repair and upgrading of PCs, laptops and other hardware together with specialists in database design, websites and SEO solutions.



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